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Rolls all use a 12-sided die. One die is rolled against another, along with roll boosts depending on the situation. The higher roll total wins; however, rolling a 1 or a 12 is a Critical Roll and causes a loss or a win respectively, regardless of total. In the case of two same critical rolls, the higher total wins.

Character Stats

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Taking Turns & Actions

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Summary: Most battles start in Extreme range. Next comes Far range, some special items such as rifles, and some spells may work there. In Range, weapons such as bows, throwing weapons, and firearms will work. Also most spells will work in Ranged unless otherwise stated. In Melee, fists, swords, softs, blunts, and polearms, can be used.
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Summary: A character needs at least 3 points in Arcane to be a mage. 3+ is Tier One Apprentice, 6+ is Tier Two Wizard, 9+ is Tier 3 Mage, 12+ is Tier 4 Archmage. Mages can learn and cast spells depending on their Mage Tier. Mages do not get the +3 to Primary attacks that other characters do.
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