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This page will walk you through character information. For greater details visit The Leonhart System.

To create a character type &setup in a bot channel. This will overwrite any character that is in that slot. The Botler will create a channel where you will be asked about your character. You should respond to the questions exactly how you want the information to be displayed on your character card.

The Setup process

Once you've got your setup channel, answer the questions 1-by-1.

  1. The bot will ask you your name.
  2. The bot will ask your race. This can be anything that isn't sci-fi.
  3. It will ask for an image. This is optional and you can always change it later with &setpic.
  4. The bot will ask your weight.
  5. Botler will ask for your magic element.
  6. You will be asked to chose a weapon type. If it is your first time setting up a character in that slot you will be given a starter weapon.
  7. The Botler will ask you where you want to put your stat points. Simply type the name of the stat, then you'll be asked to enter a number of points.
  8. Similar to stats, you will put points in skills.

If you have any problems or make a mistake you can use &setup again, or ask for changes in help chat.


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