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Here is a list of commands with summaries (WIP).

Info Commands

  • &help -


  • &1 or &2 or &3 etc. - Change to a different character slot.
  • &setup - Create a new character on the current character slot. More info in Character Creation.
  • &profile (&me) - View your current character.
  • &characters (&chars) - View all characters.
  • &setpic - Upload an image with this command to change your character's avatar.


  • &timers (&t) - See all income timers.
  • &work (&w) - Gain Silver.
  • &earn (&e) - Gain Copper based on random stat.
  • &mine (&m) - Mine until reaching 100 for a big reward.
  • &crime (&c) - No bad karma. Chance of success, no penalty for failure.
  • &daily (&d) - Use daily for money and crates, which increase depending on Mines Completed.
  • &alchemy (&a) - Attempt to turn dirt into Gold... might succeed.

Rolls and Dice



Custom Items and Upgrades


  • &aaaaaa (&aaa) -
  • &aaaa -