Leonhart is a unique RPG format similar to Dungeons and Dragons. The communities are supported by uniqe bot features and integrations, to make gameplay more immersive. Explore the website for a little taste, or visit the servers on Discord!

     Welcome to the Leonhart. We are here to serve at your pleasure.
     This facility is a steam-power airship, capable of lifting it's weight and much more. It is outfitted with Tank Bays, Equipment, Executive and Cabin Rooms, 100 Staff, Hellithropters, Wingchutes, and a maximum speed of 200 Miles per hour (321 KM/hr)
     The Bar-Bridge deck runs the ship, from a comfortable and classy setting.
     To the left and right you find walls, which can slide back to reveal weapons, armor, and gear. An armorer is ready also, for further weapons and custom outfitting.
     Above the bar you may find the Control Room, complete with full Intercom and control over the Engine Room.
     You can use the intercoms Comm and speak to anyone anywhere in the ship, at any time. Enjoy!