The Realm

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Map of Regions
Map of Champions

List & description of locations:

  • The Reach - an area ruled by dragons.
  • Rajashi - a huge western city deep in bandit land.
  • Foster - a home of knowledge and training.
  • Lhanbyrde - the player's town, earned from a long quest.
  • Leonguard - the largest free city in the realm. Lawful.
  • The Maelstrom - an unending circular storm.
  • Dragon's Lair - home of Rage, the dragon lord.
  • Gothmor - a vast and lawless region w/ warlords.
  • Dark Tower - a city of insects and scales.
  • The Dark Forest - old and overridden, many monsters.
  • Star Lake - holds an underwater city, the Consortium.