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Daddy Shuu's In-Depth Phat-Stack Guide to Making $$$

So your a noob right? Just joined the server or maybe even a vet who came back and is looking to make some bling for those upgrades and items you've always wanted but you don't know how you can get the stacks for it.

Have no fear, Daddy Shuu is here to help put money in your pockets.

We'll start with the basic commands to getting gold, silver and copper of course: &w, &e, &m, &c, &a, &drun, &daily.

I wont be going over timers, you can check that by using &t.
  • &w (Work) Can net you 1 silver every 120 seconds. Up to 30 Silver in an hour. Consistent source of income.
  • &e (Earn) Variable copper depending on your skills and it selects it randomly so you may not even make cash at all. Inconsistent source of copper so don't rely on it just make sure you do it on the timer and be happy when you do get some muns.
  • &d (Daily) Consistent source of income every day. Nets you a base of 5 silver +1 for every time you've sucessfully completed mining. Don't forget about the crate +key.
  • &m (Mine) gets you gems, silver or gold. Also adds to your &daily by one silver when you reach 100.
  • &c (Crime) can get you 1 gold. Also inconsistent but make sure you do it.
  • &a (Alchemy) Newly implemented. You have a chance of making 1 gold here as well. Also inconsistent.
  • Activities You can engage in one of these at a time.
  1. &f (Fish) Invest in a fishing rod. Worth around 15 gold. You can easily make your money back with fish. At any point in time within an hour you'll have the opportunity to catch a fish so be on the look out. They can be salvaged for a maximum of 5 silver each and you get a 10% bonus for salvaging over 20 fish at a time.
  2. &h (Hunt) Hunting can make you leather which you can refine into better leathers or salvage them for 5 silver each. Not as good as Fish since you don't get the bonus. However it's good if you haven't invested in a fishing rod yet.
  3. &g (Gather) Gathering can yield seeds, herbs, spices, grapes, oranges, perhaps others.
  4. &drun (Dungeon) Going in a dungeon can net you some chests which contain loot and dungeon coins. This loot can be salvaged, sold, crafted or a combination. The dungeon coins I recommend you save to get copper balls or whole medallions. Copper balls salvage for 25,000 copper. Whole medallions salvage for 300 Silver. Both of which can be used to trade and make more.

Long posting

Long posting in the servers is a great consistent way of getting copper at a rate of 1:1 per character typed. Not only do you get cash but you can get some sweet experience too! Be on the lookout for some channels that aren't around all the time, you may notice they might even give you bonus copper like the Leongard Bank.

Okay, basics aside; how do I make more money than that Shuu?

Selling to other players

You can sell on the sales board via the library and **&sell**, or just talk to someone and see what they need. Then just sell it to them at whatever you feel is fair profit.

Salvaging stuff

Ever open those loot crates and get stuff you can't get rid of or have too much of? What do I do with them Shuu? You salvage them that's what. You can even salvage custom items using &salvagecustom [name]

Example: 85 missilerings taking up space in your inventory is money to be made. Currently, you can only use up to 5 at a time.

Joining a guild

[Like mine. Free advertising] If you join a guild, you all have the option to donate and get copper balls daily. Which can be salvaged and turned into profit by trading up it up to silver and repeating the cycle.


Voting every 12 hours on the bot nets you 33 silver consistently. 66 silver on the weekends. Go vote! (Vote1 - Vote2 - Vote3)


You can invest in pigs and salvage the meat and rinse and repeat. Or You can invest in cows for 100 gold each. They never expire and will always give you a return. Paying themselves back at 100 days if you are willing to invest the time, money and effort. Then providing you with nothing but profit afterwards.


  • Many items can be crafted into more valuable ones. Be sure to check if you can get more from an item from players, before salvaging it.
  • Those milks you got from the cows you got? Not doing anything but salvaging them and not using your crafting slots? "What do I do Shuu?" You turn them into cheese and salvage them for more!
  • You can also charge a service fee for having your crafting slots available and offering it to someone else provided they trust you to do so. They can give you materials and you craft whatever Item it is that they request!
  • Any spare materials you got sitting around? Turn them into armor or something else someone may want or buy like raw materials. Fine leather is a good example.


  • Trading up and down is a huge source of income and is relatively consistent.
  • Once per hour they change and you always want to be trading to make some margin of profit. View rates with &trade.
  • You will always make a profit margin if you trade up at a lower conversion rate than when you trade down.
  • Even if it's a little bit otherwise your losing out on money you could've made that hour.

Copper to Silver or Silver to Copper

  • The conversion rates for silver fluctuate from 180-210 per copper.
  • You can tradeup, up to 50,000 copper at a time. To get 277 silver.
  • You can tradedown, up to 500 silver at a time. To get 105,000 copper.
Example: you start with only 1 silver.
Conversion rate is: 200 C for 1 S
Newplayer traded up: 200 C to  1 S
Newplayer later traded down: 1 s per 210 copper

You just made your first 10 copper!

Maximum profit from copper to silver or silver to copper per trade at a perfect rate is 54 Silver and 4,000 copper. Assuming you converted 100,000 coppers worth up in two trades:

500 s down gives you 105,000 c at 210 copper rate.
50,000 copper up at 180 gives you 277 silver.

Bigger moves... Gold to Silver and Silver to Gold

  • The range of silver to gold fluctuates from 20-15 Silver per gold
  • The range from gold to silver fluctuates from 10-17 Silver per Gold.
  • You can trade up 500 silver at a time. To get 33 gold.
  • You can trade down 50 gold at a time. To get 850 Silver.

With the best trade rate:

15 silver per gold
Traded down at 17 Silver per gold

Assuming you traded up 750 silver to get 50 gold then traded down at the best rates, your 750 silver turned into 850 silver at a profit of 100 Silver.


By enabling different &notifications, you can get important pings for whichever events you choose. This can help remind you to:

  • Crime, Earn, Daily, etc.
  • Be notified when Trade Rates are best
  • Be notified of Announcements, Quests, Movies, etc.


  • Use your money to make more money.
  • Combine everything to make big profits.
  • Any time you complete a mine, use the reward to get silver or gold and trade with it.
  • Use &boosts when you are going to be online, and grind for the maximum rewards.
  • Write longer! For each letter in your post you get additional copper. More in Writing (Guide).

Free donations? Always open to donations if this guide helped you out ^^
Remember to save some money to reinvest. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. User:Big_Daddy_Shuu