Airship Quests

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To embark on AQs a player needs to own an Airship. They can then hunt for jobs (generated randomly) and choose which to embark upon.


  • Fetch - some time required, speed helps.
  • Fight - high risk high reward.
  • Rescue - medium risk, high reward, speed helps.
  • Escort - a fight may or may not happen... medium risk, medium reward.
  • Explore - long time required, speed helps.

Important Notes

Person: - the quest's target or the paying client.
About: - full description in-character.
Rumors: - some relevant tips or warnings.
Reward: - the reward, generated by the bot.

Submit New Airship Quests


  • Title - A Royal Escort
  • About - The Prince of Leonguard is traveling to Old Town on business. Join his retinue of ships to escort his flagship South.
  • Rumors - Increased reports of bandits West of Old Town...
  • Event - The convoy is attacked! Bandits appear from the West and fight the royal retinue of ships. Result: hp/mp/etc.


  • Title -
  • About -
  • Rumors -
  • Event -