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Each character starts at Level 1, with 10 STAT Points. Assign your points to one of the 4 STATs in order to advance your character. Assign points when you &setup your character, or using &lvlup. (Reminder: You also have Skills)


Your physical power. Each point adds +2HP so your character can take more damage. Strength also affects Intimidation, Stun, and other saving throws.


How eloquent is your character? Each point increases your success on Talking Checks and also gets you a +2% Discount on Shop buys. Talking unlocks unique Abilities.


Affinity for the arcane results in magical power. Mages are Apprentice level, Wizard, Mage, or Archmage. Each mage level requires 3 Points. Each point in Arcane adds +1MP energy for casting spells.


The awareness and wisdom of a character translates into many helpful traits. Each point adds +1 to Perception rolls. Thought unlocks many unique Abilities. STATs.png