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This page holds information about the Board Game sets for Leonhart Airship Battles. For rules visit: Airship Battles


The Airship Battles board game has been created and playtested, and will be available soon as a reward with donation! Here is a list of game pieces and descriptions.

Game Board

The 10-inch game board is 11 tiles by 11 tiles. The original test board used 13 tiles, which resulted in them being too small at 10 inches. A much alrger game board option exists, at 18 inches.

Player Token

Cast plastic ships in 6 colors. Additional colors available by request.


Dice set TBD.

Monster Tokens

Monster tokens TBD.

Island Tokens

Island tokens TBD.


Score pads will be available but will probably be provided on paper sheets 8.5x11" and printable format, to keep cost low.

Game Box

Beautiful full-color boxes enclose the game board set and feature the Leonhart airship and logo.