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Airshipping for noobies!


Airship battles are relatively simple, and function like a board game. This article will cover some basic information, then focus on how players take their turns.


  1. Dead Stop - When at a dead stop a ship cannot move any distance, and can turn 360°.
  2. Slow - When at a slow speed, ships move 1 tile. They can turn any direction except reverse.
  3. Medium - At medium speed a ship moves 2 tiles. Cannot turn harder than 90°.
  4. High speed - At maximum speed an airship moves 3 tiles, and cannot turn harder than 90°. When turning at high speed a ship performs "tacking".


In the very same turn, Depending on how far you are from your enemy, You can run your attack rolls. 1 attack is a 1d100! If you roll 60 or below, you hit! But anything above is a miss... 8 attacks if your melee range from them, 6 if you’re in ranged from them. and 4 if you’re far! 1 range is a tile! So 1 tile from them is melee, 2 is ranged, 3 is far!


Once it comes to your turn, If you were to be at high speed, (3), You’d be forced to move to the next cell, Then 2 more. If it’s your turn, And you want to move, Then be sure to know what to do! You move 0 slots, 1 slots, 2 slots, or 3 slots, depending on your speed!

Rules when accelerating: You can only go from dead stop all the way to medium. So no high speed when your standing still! But from slow speed, you can go to any speed from there! You cannot go from slow to another speed if you were to be turning.

Rules when decelerating: Same as going up, You can only go two speeds down when at high speed. But at medium, You can only go to slow speed. And you can only come to a dead stop at slow!

Rules when turning: When at a stop, You can turn any direction. At slow, You can turn almost any direction, Except for a 180 degree angle—> Except for anything over half. At medium, No turn higher then 90 degrees. And at high speed, you cannot turn at all without doing tacking! —> Tacking comes in at 3. 2. ATTACKING!

A few rules in attacking! So as said before, attacks depends on the ranges! But also in what you did in the turn. If you were to have turned, you lose 1 attack in that turn! So if you’re at melee but you did a turn, that’s 7! And so on. If you were to have gone up a speed, you also lose 1 attack. Keep in mind, no doing both in a turn!

3. Extra strategies


Tacking is turning at high speed. It will add both good things for you and bad things!

Good stuff: enemies that attempt to attack you will have to roll the number of attacks they’re doing, In a (attacks)D2! Anything that’s a 2, Misses, and will not count for the attack. The number of 1s they get, they can roll (number)d100 for like a regular attack.

Bad stuff: It also applies to you when attacking another.

Ramming: Ramming happens when your at high speed, and you arrive in the same cell as another person! If you ram them head on, you both get 5,000 damage. If you ram them from the side, they take 5,000 dmg and you take 1,000 dmg. If you ram them from the back, they take 2,000 damage and you take 1,000.


Tutorial by Chara