Deep in the Mountains of Mist, on the Western flank of Kazzakrad, lies Foster. This massive, beautiful compound, is station to many, and home to a group of warrior monks. The leader goes by Stripes - he is a massive red-orange wolf, who paints his fur to look like a tiger. (Best not to mention it or he gets upset; if anyone asks, he's a tiger.)
     Here at Foster all are welcome who come in peace, to learn. This was at a time the home to Akira, who spent much of his young life training within its walls. Inside, you will find every piece of weaponry and equipment you could hope for. Surrounding a large dias, the grounds hold armaments, targets, dummies, fighting rings, and all manner of training equipment. This is an excellent place to visit to train and improve, meet and learn from advanced warriors, and display your skills.